Meet Our Experts: Lance Farquhar

“If you focus on delivering value that adds to the relationship, you can’t go wrong.”


What do you do at Episerver?

In Expert Services, I lead one of the teams that help our clients and partners. Currently, I spend a lot of time talking to clients interested in migrating from the Ektron CMS to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform.

I also have several management responsibilities. One of my favorites is to grow a great team, which I have right now. I love delivering on a client’s or partner’s needs, even when the project is challenging. I even still do a bit of coding when I can. 

What is your background?

I have been in software development for the last 15 years. Prior to that, I fixed aircraft survivability electronics and enemy engagement systems for attack helicopters in the U.S. Army.

I have always enjoyed learning how things work and fixing them. The software industry is a great fit. It is an industry where I can learn something new all the time and solve problems every day for customers.

How does Expert Services help customers?

We can help customers with everything from small development projects to overall digital strategies. We have a lot of experience both with Episerver and Ektron projects. A client might want custom features, an upgrade or help moving to Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Partners typically need additional expertise that they might not have in house. 

What is the main thing customers can do to start improving their digital strategies?

For me it is about using technology to build better relationships with your customers or potential customers. Take the Coca-Cola “Share a White Christmas” campaign. Coca-Cola said thank you to its customers by sharing different winter experiences between two countries. After you watch it, ask yourself if that helped the Coca-Cola brand and built a better relationship with its customers. If you focus on delivering value that adds to the relationship, you can’t go wrong. 

Does your tech background help you in your management role?

It really does, absolutely. I still love to code – at home I play with different programming languages to keep up with current technology. I love to solve problems, and I look at people management as solving human problems. I was the classic software guy who had issues communicating. But by forcing myself out of my comfort zone, I have found that my communication has improved. This has helped in several ways. For example, I can translate technical jargon for my clients so it makes sense to them. 

Lance Farquhar

Director of Software Development, Expert Services

  • Areas of expertise: Resource management and architecture
  • Background: 15 years of experience in software development
  • Location: Nashua, New Hampshire