Shopspray Punchout for Episerver

Shopspray is launching a unique add-on module for Episerver Commerce, which makes it possible to quickly get started with a punchout solution on an existing or new Episerver Commerce solution.

The technology is proven; the solution is based on standard exchange languages; cXML, OCI and OBI.

Shopspray Punchout is a flexible solution built on standard technology and years of experience in punchout and B2B commerce implementations.

The Shopspray Punchout add-on for Episerver together with an existing or brand new Episerver Commerce implementation realizes a Punchout feed in no time"
- Jens Kintrup, Episerver

Why Shopspray Punchout for Episerver?

  1. Shopspray Punchout is the answer to an increasing demand from your customers as a B2B or wholesale company - zero faults in orders, customer workflow compliance and personalized experiences
  2. Shopspray Punchout provides a personalized “B2C-shopping-feeling” direct in your customer’s procurement platform in real-time
  3. Shopspray Punchout is based on Episerver system standards and standard integration tools
  4. Shopspray Punchout comes natively embedded in the Episerver dashboard
  5. In a commerce environment where time-to-market is vital, Shopspray Punchout gives you punchout capabilities fast. Implementing the add-on is a short and hassle free process

Product Overview

API Based
Shopspray is API based and built for ease of implementation and continuous updates.

Modular Architecture
Our modular architecture makes it easy to fit Shopspray Punchout to different environments (e.g. customized login procedures in different procurement systems)

Built-in Episerver Commerce Platform Functionality
It’s all there: session handling, cart return wrapper, customer configuration, template configuration and converter configuration

Fast Implementation
Implementing Shopspray Punchout on Episerver is fast. Usually just a couple of weeks.

Using Common Standards
We love standards. Shopspray Punchout supports cXML, OCI (OCI4, with backwards compatibility to OCI3) and OBI.

Easy Customer Adaption
With Shopspray Punchout you can easily on-board new customers and change status on existing customers directly in the Episerver editor interface.

Featured screenshots

Shopspray comes as a native Add-on for Episerver Experience Cloud for your convenience in your day-to-day work. 

Punchout Customer Configuration

Customer configuration – Punchout is enabled per customer as each customer might need template modifications.

Furthermore, visitor group criterion is available for content customizations. Some customers want to use the site; others want a customized directory that is limited or white labeled (hiding the supplier from the purchaser). Visitor groups in Episerver provide the possibility to customize the experience for Punchout sessions.

Punchout Templates


Site customization options - primarily for the checkout phase - are available in Shopspray Punchout.

Punchout Converter Configuration

Shopspray Punchout is designed for global B2B commerce solutions. Converters for currencies and special characters are available and additional converters can be developed.

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