Niteco InPrint Studio (NIS)

Simplify creation of your Adobe InDesign online & print marketing content. Easily adapt your existing Episerver, Commerce, and ImageVault content – then instantly automate, synchronize & print future content and changes.

NIS is designed to save enormous amount of time for editors, designers, and the people that rely on them. Our core customer industries are newspapers, E-Commerce, real estate, and large enterprises, but any organisation that designs and produces content for multiple channels will benefit.

Creating and designing marketing material is often a tedious exercise that requires significant duplication effort across formats – websites, PDFs, print layouts, and so on. Any future updates or changes will require all formats to be updated as well. This could easily be magnified if there are multiple content repositories with mixed versions of the data.

Using NIS, all of the hard work done to create content in an Episerver site can be extracted into an Adobe InDesign template. Any content changes are automatically synchronized both ways – so Designers and Content Editors can effectively collaborate on content, with everyone always working on the latest version.

Episerver Digital Commerce integration

If you manage your product list on your Episerver Digital Commerce site or using a PIM, NIS can help you quickly produce online or printed product catalogues for distribution. Simply choose which products or categories you’d like to include in the latest catalogue, and NIS will instantly extract up-to-date product information, pricing, and images into Adobe InDesign templates.

ImageVault integration

We’ll even connect to your ImageVault repository and give you direct access to the media assets. Just a single click and the user can freely use any ImageVault media in the Adobe InDesign environment.

About Niteco

Niteco is a world-class software development company with expertise in building custom applications, mobile solutions and implementation of web content management and e-commerce strategies. We build our own products and solutions, as well as building solutions for our partner clients. We have built unrivalled Episerver competencies with the largest number of Episerver certified developers in the world. We are also a Verified Solutions Add-on partner for Episerver.