Lionbridge Translation Connector

The Lionbridge connector for Episerver allows you to seamlessly export content to Lionbridge for translation.

Once translations are complete, the connector automatically routes the translated content back into your Episerver instance, giving you an end-to-end, automated solution for translating your content. 

Translate multilingual content from within Episerver

The Lionbridge Connector for Episerver gives users the ability to create, store, and manage multilingual content from within their working environment, regardless if they are using Episerver Cloud Service or the on premise version. This integrated module automates and accelerates the flow of content between owners and translation partners while maintaining oversight of every step in the process.

The Lionbridge connector is a cloud-based plug-in that uses an agile content process to enable faster translation. Set-up is fast and easy, and requires no special IT support or training. If you know Episerver, you will know how to translate all you content with the Lionbridge connector.

Easily select and translate String, XHTMLString, ContentArea, blocks, ContentReference, and custom page properties into any language supported by Episerver.

Delivering an end-to-end global experience

The Lionbridge connector for Episerver seamlessly add translation workflows to your Episerver user interface. This lets you synchronize your global teams to deliver consistent messaging across markets and languages.

Benefits of Lionbridge translation

  • Reduce time to market – No longer do you need to go through the error prone and time consuming process of copy and pasting text for translations
  • Reduce cost – Using Lionbridge’s translation memory, you will never pay for the same translation twice
  • Maximize your technology investment – Extend the functionality of your Episerver CMS to address muli-lingual content challenges
  • Improve global alignment – Ensure your brand equity is globally consistent yet locally relevant
  • In-Context Preview – Preview your translated document in-context before publishing to ensure that your translated text fits into your desired template structure