LanguageWire Connector for Episerver

The LanguageWire Connector is a "1-click" automated solution that simplifies the translation process; saving time and making it easier for you to reach your global audience.

The LanguageWire Connector for Episerver is an automatic link between your Episerver CMS and LanguageWire. It eliminates the hassle of copy-paste and working with multiple platforms and files. Everything takes place exactly where you work with your content, in the Episerver platform.

You’ll dramatically reduce your time-to-publish by sending texts for translation and automatic implementation of the new multilingual content within your Episerver environment. With a single click, you’ll instantly access a global network of over 5,000 language experts who are ready to localise a specific page, site, or campaign. Content in new languages is automatically implemented in your Episerver platform, ready to be published at your convenience. You work exclusively in Episerver from start to finish and are free of extra exporting, importing, managing multiple files and time-consuming copy-paste work.

LanguageWire Connector customers save up to 20 minutes per page compared to the typical manual process. With 20 minutes saved per page, the LanguageWire Connector for Episerver provides value for small and large customers. Customers with a smaller website with 6 languages use LanguageWire’s integration solutions, as do global enterprises with offices in 50 countries and massive translation needs. All customers share the need for efficiency, performance, and transparency in this business-critical process of reaching their global audience with the right message.

Since 2000, LanguageWire has built a solid reputation for quality translations and superior technology solutions. Today, LanguageWire enjoys a leading position among translation companies worldwide. Every day, LanguageWire earns the loyalty of its customers by delivering hassle-free solutions, high-quality translations and measurable value. LanguageWire uses technology to simplify the translation process and facilitate the efficient creation and implementation of high-quality, multilingual content.

Communicate globally without the language barrier