ImageVault – DAM

ImageVault offers central storage for all your images, which can be easily found and used on your website.

All organizations use digital media and the amount and use of digital assets has increased significantly. A common challenge within organizations is to get an overview or find specific assets quickly and when they are needed. This poses greater demands for coordination, structure and improved management of digital assets.

ImageVault for Episerver allows you to streamline and facilitate the management of all your digital media directly within the Episerver CMS. At the same time, you can ensure that your brand is managed consistently and make it easier for your content contributors to work with the assets in an efficient way.

Improved brand management

Storing your assets in ImageVault for Episerver will provide you with a complete overview of what assets you own, where the assets are being used, who has what rights to specific assets and what assets are distributed to whom. This ensures that you can manage and control how your brand is presented online.

Manage your media assets

With ImageVault for Episerver, you never have to spend time searching for the files you want to use. Every asset is tagged with information based on e.g. metadata and categories. The built in search function lets you search information related to the stored files and the system will instantly filter the results accordingly.

Efficient asset management

Using ImageVault for Episerver, you can efficently manage your assets, since you never have to store duplicates of the same image in different formats. From one high resolution version, the image is converted to a format suitable for the specific purpose, without replacing the original version. This makes asset management more flexible, streamlines your usage of media and ensures that images can be prominently used on your website to enhance the customer experience. 

Key benefits with ImageVault for Episerver

  • Reduce time and cost spent on searching for digital media
  • Eliminate the requirements on the user concerning working with digital media
  • Increase flexibility and your possibilities to work more consistently and use media more prominently online

Features in ImageVault for Episerver

  • Central storage of media assets
  • Preview and convert image formats in the solution without limitations
  • Edit images – crop/zoom
  • Asset information is supplied trough categories and metadata
  • All information related to the assets is searchable
  • Possible to manage several assets at once
  • Download assets and upload multiple assets at once
  • Strong support for access rights
  • Ready-made Episerver properties/templates to present media items or media collections on Episerver-based website.