Episerver Live Monitor

Episerver Live Monitor provides reliable real-time information about what is happening in your online channels.

Real-time analytics insights - A useful addition to your Analytics data

Analytics insights is a a great way to analyze and learn from your visitors behavior and a cornerstone for all digital leaders. Live Monitor provides a real-time graphical representation of your web-site traffic by showing what is going on in your online channels. This gives your marketing staff as well as management and sales team, valuable signals as to what is going on and what they need to prepare for.


All your online traffic visualized

The Live Monitor add-on shows you an overview of the content structure on your website and what visitors are currently browsing. It instantly captures an overview of the visitors to your site and what they are doing, while also providing insights into which channel they are currently communicating through – may it be web, tablet or mobile.

With a dashing HTML5 based user interface, this add-on is ideal to run on a wall mounted screen in your office where everyone can see it and gain insights to how visitors travel through your online properties.

Ready for Commerce

Unlike previous versions of Live Monitor, our latest release is fully prepared for e-commerce, presenting you with information about which products are currently being browsed by which customers. This enables you to immediatly get a feel for what interest your customers and adapt any promotions in real-time. 

For those of you who want to take it one step further, you can extend Live Monitor by hooking it into any data you may have about the visitor. For example the segment that they belong to, their previous shopping history, their cart value or in a B2B scenario, company information.