Bring Sharepoint assets into your digital experiences

Episerver Connect for Sharepoint brings your assets from Sharepoint into your digital marketing channels: web, mobile and email.

A crucial part of many organizations' workflow, Sharepoint is the place to collaborate and store documents, images and other assets. Now, you can use these assets in your online presence too, without the need to copy or upload assets manually. And since assets are automatically updated in Episerver whenever you update them in Sharepoint, you always have consistent and correct material in your online channels.

Having many document libraries and lists in Sharepoint can prove confusing – Episerver Connect for Sharepoint lets you easily pick one or more views to retrieve assets from, relieving digital marketers from the hassle to search through Sharepoint to find the right asset. Incorporating online channels into your digital document workflow has never been easier – just create a view for finalized documents and you are ready to go.

Episerver Connect for Sharepoint also offers the ability to transform content to fit into your digital publishing workflow – examples include extracting content from documents, publishing metadata or using it for search, and scaling or cropping images.

Finally, since all assets are shown right in the familiar asset manager in Episerver, no training is required for editors to get started. You can drag and drop assets into both web and product pages, exactly as you would with any other image, video or document in Episerver.