SiteAttention SEO Plugin

A real-time tool that integrates directly with Episerver – present when writing or editing content. SiteAttention is your websites best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings – and we won’t stop until we help you find them

SiteAttention is your website's best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings – and we won’t stop until we help you find them.

SiteAttention helps you optimize and structure the content on your website. The tool is a real-time tool that integrates directly with Episerver. This means that the tool is present when writing or editing the content on your site. 

SEO advice in real time

Get the most advanced integrated real-time SEO tool, to help make your SEO processes more effortless for everyone involved.

SiteAttention SEO Plugin for Episerver presents content editors with search optimization advice and indicators side-by-side with the content as it is being created. With the tool, users approach search-optimized content creation as a single, fluid process while organizations can maintain their search strategy and more efficiently realize business results.

Improve ranking in search engines

“If you can’t find it - it isn’t there!” Even though this is a statement, which for some can seem as an overstatement there is an element of truth to it. Not being found on search engines is one of the most expensive challenges facing companies today. How much would you save in paid user acquisition, if your organic traffic increased by 20%? Google has 2 billion lines of code. 25.000 engineers that make 45.000 changes in lines of code every day. Can your SEO efforts keep up to speed? SiteAttention can help you!

So, if you want user to find your content, according to statistics, you should be focused on how to optimize your pages for search engines. At the end of the day, if your content is worth creating, it is worth making sure your users can find it. SiteAttention is the real-time SEO Plugin for Episerver that help all contributors in content creation. Because your website deserves the best search engine ranking possible.

See the Effects

SiteAttention brings you instant and transparent insights into what effect, the changes you are considering making in your site will bring to your search engine rankings. SiteAttention helps all resources to work both swiftly and with high efficiency. With SiteAttention you are not mixing gut feel, taste, or personal preference into the equation. You get the most direct path to the most effective solutions. SiteAttention SEO Plugin for Episerver is available now!
The latest version of SiteAttention can be installed through a NuGet package on the Episerver NuGet feed. Try it - 30 days for free!

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