Datacash – Payment

Constantly growing functionality enables Merchants to accept payments in over 170 currencies, via a wide range of payment instruments.

Furthermore, DataCash provides a single point of integration into a wide range of international financial institutions and added value services means DataCash can work effectively in partnership with any organisation to meet their objectives.

The DataCash Payments Solution suite includes:

  • Credit and debit card processing
  • A network of global payment options, accessible through a consolidated integration platform
  • Hosted Payment Options and other services to assist with PCI DSS  and additional  legislative obligations, including via the Cardholder Present channel
  • Management Reporting Suite
  • Bespoke products for emerging channels – mobile and social media
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Multi-sector payments solutions 

Providing added value and security through risk management solutions

DataCash also offers merchants an industry-leading suite of fraud prevention tools tailored to meet exacting business needs, and suitable for multiple payments channels. The DataCash fraud solution reduces the threat that fraud poses to merchants' businesses and optimises their social responsibility ethic. At the same time, merchants make certain that their genuine customers are protected and assure a positive experience with their brand.The DataCash Fraud Prevention Solution suite includes:

  • Automated real-time and offline fraud screening risk decision engine
  • GateKeeper - web based reporting tool and analysis application
  • Access to SuperSearch -merchants' secure negative data sharing community
  • DataCash fraud intelligent unit- team of industry experts providing merchants an outsourced analyst review service.