CELUM Digital Asset Management

Create a professional and effective online presence by using rich content in your corporate website to maintain and manage your Brand & Product Identity.

Boost your CMS system by using the synergies between CELUM and your Episerver CMS. Use the capabilities of the CELUM solutions to manage the media lifecycle starting from production, collaboration, distribution, update, publication and de-publication.

CMS editors can use CELUM as the central repository for all digital assets that are part of the company’s website, using the broad range of functionalities that CELUM software offers to automate a wide array of asset related tasks. Thus, CELUM as central repository for Episerver works as single source of truth and increases workflow efficiency.

Key advantages

  • Create a single source of truth for all digital assets displayed online and in print
  • Boost Brand & Product Experience by keeping your assets up to date with minimum effort
  • Map the whole content creation process in one central system that is synchronized automatically
  • Clearly separate the roles of the CMS editor and the asset manager by using the CELUM integration as powerful interface
  • Access the  full functionality of the leading Digital Asset Management System directly from within Episerver CMS

To be able to deliver those benefits, the integration solution by CELUM offers support for the CMS editor in two different scenarios: automatic and transparent asset synchronization into Episerver and a manual, user driven selection and synchronization process.

Transparent Asset Synchronization

The content editors, responsible for maintaining and organizing the assets, have the possibility to create a synchronized collection hierarchy in CELUM. This asset collection can be easily extended via a drag and drop functionality or by using a context menu entry. Synchronization into the Episerver CMS happens both regularly via a scheduled task and upon the occurrence of certain events. The synchronized assets are then transferred into the CMS system in a defined format and into a defined Episerver channel and folder.

This integration makes it possible to clearly separate the roles of the CMS editor and the asset/content editor, allowing for a smooth workflow. The transparent synchronization process from a central repository further increases maintainability of the system and decreases the effort of keeping the individual assets in the CMS system up to date.

User Driven Selection

Besides the automatic synchronization process, the CMS editor can also manually select and transfer assets from CELUM to Episerver. CELUM with all of its functionalities can be accessed directly from within Episerver, allowing for an efficient asset handling when creating or editing a page. The selected assets are transferred in a download format which the editor can choose inside CELUM. If the assets needs further editing, this can be done directly with the built-in Image Editor.


Direct editing with the CELUM ImageEditor

Being able to enter CELUM simply via a menu entry in Episerver CMS, editors can use the advantages of a central repository system for searching, selecting and editing assets directly from one system. The direct transfer from CELUM to Episerver in the specified format saves significant amounts of time for the CMS editor, allowing for efficient workflows.

Find out more about CELUM's Digital Asset Management solution here: www.celum.com


How does CELUM work? Watch this demo video.