ActiveStandards is the market-leading SaaS platform for enterprise website governance and compliance used by Unilever, Shell, Philips, ING and many more.

It’s an automated service that helps companies streamline website governance and reduce risk through the elimination of compliance errors, covering everything from accessibility, usability, SEO and legal standards, together with your unique brand and business standards.

The platform comes with everything you need to manage your web presence in one place:

  • Website standards compliance
    Comprehensive coverage of all areas of online compliance, including: accessibility, usability, SEO and legal standards, together with your unique brand and business standards.
  • Content quality & inventory
    Global inventory reports enable you to review and rationalise your online assets and manage your content more effectively.
  • Content insight
    Topic-level maps of your online content, enable you to track key entities across your sites and gain control of your unstructured content.
  • Benchmarking & KPIs
    All the metrics you need to evaluate the success of your governance strategies, target resources and drive improvements in performance. The platform comes with a suite of powerful reports and diagnostic tools, including a set of built-in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you never lose sight of the big picture.
  • Information workflow
    In a multi-stakeholder environment, communication is key. ActiveStandards closes the loop, providing a seamless framework for communication between the members of your team and external contributors.
  • Accountability
    Maintaining a clear structure of roles and responsibilities is central to successful website governance. ActiveStandards enables you to establish the remit for your editorial teams: banishing dispute, eliminating duplication and increasing productivity.

ActiveStandards is specifically designed for use in complex, multi-stakeholder, enterprise environments, making things simple and actionable for managers, editors and technical teams.

The platform is provided “Software-as-a-Service” so there’s no hardware or software to buy, deploy and manage. We set up, configure and run the service, leaving you free to concentrate on your website!