Meet the employees

“I chose to work at Episerver based on the technology choices.”

Reis Holmes

Position: Systems Engineer, R&D
Started at Episerver: Spring 2016


Where are you from and how did you end up at Episerver?

I'm from London, UK and eventually ended up in Sweden because my girlfriend got a job here. I was looking for Azure roles in Sweden since I had been working with Azure earlier. And then I discovered Episerver. I actually had an opportunity with another company. However, I chose Episerver instead based on the technology choices: Azure over traditional infrastructure. The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service seemed very interesting.

What do you do?

I work in Web Operations and manage the Azure environment to ensure clients meet their SLA. I also work with automation and act as the escalation point for our Worldwide Managed Services team.

What do you like the best about Episerver?

I really like the fact that we use new technology on Azure such as Azure Web apps. Using Microsoft services on a large scale allows us to encounter bugs that even Microsoft hasn’t discovered yet. Helping them resolve those bugs is something I really enjoy. Episerver embraces the new cloud technology. We are also given a lot of freedom to work on projects to fix issues, and there’s plenty of variation in the job.

And, what do you do on your free time?

I’m quite into computer games. I spend far too much time playing! Other things I like do are go to the gym, play “Magic: The Gathering” (the card game), and a lot of board games. I also watch football, which I used to play.