Meet the employees

“I had heard great stories about Episerver – it was a no-brainer to apply here.”

Malin Eriksson

Title: Marketing Coordinator Nordics
Worked at Episerver since: 2014

Malin, why Episerver?

I previously worked at a recruitment agency, actually next-door from our office in Stockholm, Sweden. My colleague at the time was in charge of the recruitment for a position at Episerver. And she told me about it, thinking I would be perfect in that role.

I had just finished my studies in PR and wanted to work with sales and marketing, and preferably with a well-known brand. And as Episerver is a market leader, and I had heard great stories about the company, and that the tech industry really is thriving, it really was a no-brainer. I applied for the job. And got it.

What is it like working here?

I really like going to work, every day, no matter how cliché it sounds. I have the best colleagues! And, I also strongly feel that the company really cares for me, and my personal ambitions and goals. A year ago, I got the opportunity to move into a new role, to focus 100% on marketing.

The very best thing with my new role is the variation. Every day is a new day, and there are no dull moments really – and especially not now when we have grown through mergers and acquisitions. I am also super proud of our user conference last year, the Episerver Ascend in the Stockholm Globe Arena, with 1,200 participants. The whole event was nothing but fantastic from start to finish – whilst the snowstorm of the century raged outside the arena.

Working with digital communication, what is your favourite website?

Wow, I cannot really pick one. I shop EVERYTHING online, and I’m always connected, always using social media, reading blogs, doing research for future vacations… Though, I start off each day with consuming the latest news from the industry, primarily from Mashable and Wired.

What do you do outside office hours?

Except working out and travel, I tend my Netflix addiction. I love everything from Game of Thrones to Keeping up with the Kardashians. Also, right now most of my spare time goes to wedding planning and the honeymoon in Bali. Surf’s up!