Partsmaster drives user-experience by implementing mobile first approach on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Widely regarded as leaders in the Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) supplier industry, Partsmaster are dedicated to keeping their customers running. With over 50-years of experience, they’re active across the U.S.A and Canada.

Operational markets include: Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Utilities, Railroads and Military

Speciality areas include: Fleet Maintenance, Chemicals and Abrasives. Hydraulics & Plumbing and Welding.

Their growth has been spurred by an increase in customer demand and the growth of inventory moving their inventory warehouse facility.

Continuous innovation at the forefront of growth

The Texas based outfit created a legacy built on delivering the highest level of service to their customers. Combined with an extensive offering (33,000 SKU’s) of quality product lines. Their belief in continuous innovation inspired the effort to review their existing system and ultimately improve their digital experience offering.

Refreshing the last 50-years

Partsmaster had begun reinventing their brand - from the logo to their messaging. New products and strategy around existing offerings were developed, processes throughout the organization went through review and were improved. As the pieces began to fall into place, it was time to review the digital side of their business – starting with their digital interface.

The goal was relatively simple, build a digital presence to better support their B2B customers. After reviewing several platforms, it became clear to the team at Partsmaster that the feature set associated with Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud best supported the requirements they set.

Piecing out the requirements 

Partsmasters unremitting growth meant they now served multiple customers from different markets, each with their own unique needs. The task of meeting all these requirements, as well as their own, was going to be a challenge. Leaning on their years-of-experience, they laid out a handful of key themes that encompassed their customers and their own desires.

This was made up of a content management system their marketing team could easily use. A robust digital commerce store to support to accelerate online growth. Third was a new-dimension digital marketing suite. Each theme, vital to Partsmaster’s vision and growth.

Welding the right digital solution for future growth

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud was tasked with delivering the robust integrated content and commerce site Partsmaster were looking to create. This was going to be implemented by Episerver Premium Partner, Brilliance at their side.

It was time to deliver on their vision. Mobile first navigation, advanced personalization and leveraging grouping variants to make finding products easier (due to their hundreds of SKU’s for similar products but different sizes) were a few highlights.

Disruptive outcomes that boost user-experiences

Being a strong fit for digital marketing and digital commerce scenarios, Partsmaster were able to realize a host of benefits;

  • The ability for users to switch between multiple accounts (or locations) and ability to order for both
  • Enabling customer freedom; self-registration with invoice and account number, the ability to administer users and more
  • Increase sales by leveraging Episerver Personalization
  • Help customers find what they are looking for as fast as possible by Implementing powerful search capabilities with, Episerver Find
  • Simplify the purchasing process by utilizing a streamlined checkout process
  • Making it convenient on mobile for customers in the field. Mobile first navigation, not just mobile responsive.
  • With hundreds of SKU’s that are the same but a different size, ability to organize this information in an easy to read product page
  • It was essential for Partsmaster to minimize technical debt by selecting a singular platform to support the goals of both the IT and Marketing departments.
  • Partsmaster required a content management system that would allow them to make changes without the need for a developer
  • The ability to capture data and make intelligent product recommendations to maximize user experience and drive sales. Adding Perform was essential to their go to market strategy.

Partsmaster Episerver Solutions:

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service 
Episerver Experience-driven Commerce
Episerver Content Management System
Episerver Perform

Distributing long lasting transformation

The Epsierver framework allows continued innovation and digital growth for Partsmaster. Deploying artificial intelligence personifies the user experience for customers.

Partsmaster have helped themselves by minimizing technical debt having selected a singular platform to support the goals of both the IT and Marketing departments. Their content management system allows teams to work more efficiently - making changes without the need for a developer.

The ability to capture insightful data and make intelligent product recommendations enables the distributor to maximize user experiences whilst driving sales. Adding Perform was essential to their go to market strategy, building a closer relationship between customer and supplier.

Episerver, Brilliance and Partsmaster continue to discuss the next set of goals for the future.


This project was implemented by Episerver Premium Partner Brilliance Business Solutions.

Brilliance empowers long-term success in digital commerce on a foundation of continued innovation. With a focus in B2B Digital Commerce, Brilliance leverages a strong set of processes to drive lean yet powerful implementations. The Brilliance team has worked with Episerver since 2014 and has a deep appreciation for the platform and the success it has brought to our clients.

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