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Episerver Digital Experience Cloud the perfect fit for global retailer Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret (PO.P) is one of Sweden's most valued children's wear brands. Their new customer-focused omni-channel solution has paved the way for continued engagement with their customers. The children’s clothing retailer launched their ecommerce platform on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud to improve customer experiences across channels. Avensia delivered the technical implementation and has been working with the digital strategy, together with parent company Retail and Brands (RNB) and Polarn O. Pyret.

Today, the Swedish retailer's focus on ecommerce forms a central part of its global operations.

Customer needs as the foundation

In modern digital commerce it is essential to use customer needs as the foundation of your business, and to create synergies between the physical store and online channels.  When building their new site, Polarn o. Pyret put a lot of effort in giving their customers a better and more relevant purchase experience, according to their specific needs and preferences. The new solution is built on Episerver’s e-commerce platform, and Avensia Storefront enables integration between the ERP and the digital experience. Avensia’s framework SCOPE is used to optimize performance and makes www.polarnopyret.se one of the fastest sites in the Nordics.

"We know how frustrating it can be to wait for slow websites to load", says Petra Stenecker, Marketing & E-com Director. "Therefore we have focused on creating a fast and user-friendly website. We want to give our customers the same feeling of quality when they visit our homepage, as they get from the products they buy from us". 

A future-proof approach 

There are several aspects of the concept of long-lasting, which defines the PO.P way of working. First of all, the products are manufactured with high quality and durability, according to the PO.P motto "three kids in every garment". PO.P has taken that concept one step further by giving the customers a platform for selling and buying used PO.P garments on the website.   

From a system perspective, PO.P have also prioritized quality and durability. The Unified Commerce solution provides store assistants with a tool that allows them to give customers the best possible and personalized service. With a 360 view of the customer in the same system, fast load times and real-time updates, they can act according to every customer's individual needs. 

According to a true omni-channel concept, shop assistants can use the ecommerce as a complement to what the store can offer. They can show and order additional items for the customer in the webshop on iPads, and the customer can pick up and return webshop orders in the store.

A coherent concept built into all integrated channels

”The goal of this project was to build an ecommerce solution that realized PO.P's ambitions. Fast, stable and ready for the future", says Jesper Goudlakis, project manager at Avensia. "In addition, we worked very closely with PO.P/RNB in the design work, to convey the right feeling in all channels”. 

The PO.P implementation has been focused on Mobile first, as most customers make their purchases in the webshop on their smartphones. It was therefore important, in the design work, to give the customers who are shopping on the mobile, the complete ecommerce experience. The graphical profile is clean and recognizable in all channels. When designing the buyer's journey online, it was important to never disturb the customer, especially not during check-out. Here a customer can easily log in to their account without having to leave the page. Gift cards, member offers and discount codes work on all devices. 

PO.P have optimized the buying experience by focusing on simplicity for their primary target group - parents with small children, typically often lacking both time and patience. Since most of them rarely have two hands free, the mobile site is designed for smooth one-hand navigation.

On Instagram, also a sales channel, customers can have their own photos of kids wearing the clothes, featured on the PO.P account - a nice way of creating a sense of community around the brand.   

"With their smooth and futureproof omni-channel commerce, PO.P can continue to be forerunners in Unified commerce and keep making it easier to be a parent with small kids", says Johan Sommar, senior commerce advisor at Avensia. 

We have focused a lot on creating a fast and user-friendly site. We want customers to feel that the quality of our site is equal to the quality of the products they buy from us

Hans Edlund, Head of Ecommerce, Polarn O. Pyret

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