Episerver helps bring digital accessibility to millions of UK residents

One of the UK's largest charities uses Episerver CMS to deliver digital transformation to the millions that rely on their support.

The Challenge

The over-60s are the fastest growing age category in the UK, and placed at the heart of supporting them are charity Age UK; the largest charity provider of services and support to older people. They assist over 7 millions members with advice and support everyday.

In order to remain as open and accessible to their members, the charity wanted to update and refresh their website whilst supporting ongoing marketing campaigns. The extent of this would include a vibrant, new mobile experience that would meet the growing trend of over-60s using mobile devices.

The Solution

Working closely alongside Episerver Partner Netcel, Age UK prioritised user-journeys and a fully responsive site to meet their users needs. Episerver CMS ensured the new site met Age UK's priority across desktop, mobile and tablet. 

The Outcome

Since implementation, Age UK have strengthened how they communicate with audiences. The Age UK have used their new assets as an opportunity to learn more about their users on a deeper level - ultimately improving the support they offer. Netcel continue to help Age UK create responsive solutions for its partner sites, analysisng usage data and user feedback to deliver further improvements to the site.

50% reduction in bounce rates for mobile


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