Why Episerver

Why should you choose Episerver for your CMS or digital commerce platform? Here are five reasons why we think Episerver could be right for your company.

Episerver has solid core capabilities for CMS.

  • You can easily manage content and marketing campaigns in one screen. You no longer need to rely on IT to create new experiences.
  • Episerver CMS has a number of features that help you automatically work smarter. These include automatic A/B testing, landing pages and content recommendations.

Episerver makes it easy to combine commerce and content.

  • If you are looking for a solution that makes it easy to drag and drop content and products on the same page, then Episerver is the right choice for you.
  • Episerver also has all of the features you would expect from a commerce platform, including product and catalog management, payment and checkout.

Episerver has personalization features that no one else has.

  • We’ve invested a lot in personalization capabilities that make your experiences stand out. Start small with personas or use advanced AI to personalize content or products for every single visitor.
  • We understand the power of owning your own visitor data. We have built-in tools to automatically capture and analyze data so can quickly optimize experiences.

Episerver’s cloud service keeps you secure, agile and fully compliant.

  • Our cloud service is designed so you can focus on your business while we take care of the rest. You get 365/24/7 monitoring and support and unlimited websites.
  • We believe you should only pay for what you use, that’s why our cloud service enables you to automatically scale up or down as needed.

Episerver makes development and integration easy.

  • Episerver sites are built in ASP.NET MVC, a web application framework developed by Microsoft, or by using our Headless REST API.
  • Architects and developers can use our extensive set of APIs to make a big impact with a minimum of code.
  • Episerver easily integrates with external systems using our Service API. This REST-based API helps you connect systems faster.

Very polished platform that works great for both editors and developers

Daniel O.

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Episervers funktioner och tillägg hjälper dig att nå snabba resultat med minimal insats. Oavsett om du är ny på Episerver eller är en befintlig kund, kontakta oss gärna så visar vi funktionerna live, ger dig prisförslag, berättar om integrationer och hur du kommer igång. Fyll i formuläret eller ring oss på 08-555 827 00.

Bättre resultat med mindre jobb: Vår teknologi hjälper dig förbättra kundupplevelsen automatiskt.

Avancerade förmågor: Vi använder maskininlärning och dataanalys för ögonblickliga resultat och kundupplevelser.

Färdiga integrationer: Integrering med andra system är enkelt! Episerver kan snabbt kopplas med branschledande plattformar.

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