Money on the move

Survey highlights mobile opportunities for the financial sector. 

With the rise of mobile banking, consumers are more open to the idea of managing their money from a mobile device than ever before. For those marketers and businesses operating in the financial services sector, this shift in mind-set from face-to-face banking to faceless (digital and mobile) represents an ideal opportunity. Still, many organizations are experiencing a bumpy transition into the mobile space. 

Gartner study: Money on the move

Based on consumer behavior research, the views of marketers and consumers and a review of the mobile approach of the UK's top financial services providers, this report explores why businesses in the financial sector need to strategically enable customers to manage their money on the move.

In this report, you will discover:

  • What concerns consumers still have but are willing to trade for convenience
  • Why financial institutions are taking on geo-targeting
  • What consumers want based on age, gender and location
  • How a top bank personalizes financial experiences
  • Why it is not always necessary to provide a mobile application to get app-like features

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