Webinar: May 26

The right tools for your content strategy

As most web managers know, managing website content is a never-ending task. The webpages need to be regularly reviewed and updated and new content, written in the agreed tone of voice, often needs to be created to meet stakeholder requirements.


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Welcome to join us in a webinar where we together with Comprend will share our tips on how you can take your content to the next level with the right tools.

The covid-19 crisis has made the task of managing corporate websites even harder. Lack of time and changing priorities mean that tools are needed to make the job of managing a website easier.

During this webinar we will discuss some of the essential website tools that can help you save time and energy while delivering your content strategy.

Webranking as a tool for content improvements

One of Comprends own tools is the annual survey Webranking by Comprend. It surveys stakeholders such as analysts, investors, business journalists and jobseekers to understand what information they expect from corporate websites. Based on their input Comprend identify the gaps between stakeholders’ expectations and content on a corporate website. The Webranking Report provides a practical list of the information your site is currently missing and examples of best practice.

Engage your website visitors

What content on your website is having the highest impact on your metrics, and what is the right balance between different topics? Learn how to analyse what content that is engaging your visitors and get access to Episerver's Content Diagnostics, a free tool that will help you tag, analyse and get deep insights of the performance of your website content.


14:00 – The right tools for your content strategy (Sara Hernandez, Comprend)
14:10 – Use Webranking as a tool to improve your website (Helena Wennergren, Comprend)
14:20– Engage your website visitors (Mårten Bokedal, Episerver)
14:35 – Q&A

This seminar will be in English and is free and open to all!