Luvata’s new web design and information structure

Luvata struggled with maintenance of their old website and wanted a new website with new design and information structure.

Upgrade and redesign

E-man was contracted to develop and maintain the the web platform of Luvata, an international metal fabricator and component manufacturer group. The platform, based on Episerver, was obsolete and was hard to maintain from legacy solutions dating back to the separation of the Outokumpu Copper Division from Stainless Steel company Outokumpu. The public website of Luvata was fast becoming out of date as well as being hard to maintain with a navigational challenge coming from recent corporate mergers and accquisitions.

New platform in a short timescale

The solution was to implement a new platform, making use of best practices from E-man AB regarding maintainability and code quality. By making use of Agile software development method, Automated Testing and the latest webb platform from Episerver, the new website was up and running in time for the new year.

Fully featured website

E-man received the responsibility to support and maintain the existing application, as well as working in close co-operation with Luvata Communications, to build a new design and information structure. Employing experts in usability, SEO, web development and system maintainability from E-man AB, Luvata was able to deliver the new public web platform on time with the required features.

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