Utvecklarspår - Agenda 18 Oktober

10:00: Nyheter i CMS

Talare: Johan Björnfot, Developer Episerver

10:00: Nyheter i Commerce

Talare: Magnus Rahl, Developer Episerver

10:00: Exploring OPE with Angular and React

This summer the CMS UI team has been exploring the problems, and potential solutions, to On-Page Editing when using client-side rendering frameworks such as Angular and React.

Speaker: John-Philip Johansson, Developer Episerver and Ted Nyberg, EMVP

10:45: Nyheter i DXC

Talare: Mikael Ögren Senior Cloud Specialist och Sergii Vorushylo, Team lead,  Episerver 

10:45: Nyheter - Campaign & Insight

Talare: Joakim Platbarzdis, Manager Search and Personalization

10:45: Episerverless = Azure Functions + Episerver

You thought that your Episerver is not serverless? You might be wrong! Come and see what the hype is all about. You will see in action how one can extract some of the tasks out from the platform and move those to the cloud turning Episerver into Episerverless.

Speakers: Wałdis Iljuczonok (aka Technical Fellow) E+M MVP
Henrik Fransas EMVP

11:30: Fikapaus


12:00: CMS as a service - headless

Mer information inom kort.

Talare: Jacob Kahn, VP Solution Architect och Martin Ottosen, Director CMS & Cloud, Episerver

12:00: DevOps, Deployment portal & Cont' Deployment

DevOps, Deployment portal and Cont' Deployment. 

Talare: Eric Herlitz, och Alf Nilsson, Netrelations.

12:00: Dependency Injection in Episerver

Dependency Injection in Episerver. From theory to practice: How it is to be a good Episerver citizen.

Speaker: Valdis Iļjučonoks, Geta

13:00: Lunch


14:00: Easy Business Integration with Episerver Commerce and Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

About the speakers: Wessel Terpstra is a .NET Developer and Episerver Expert with a passion for helping teams and their clients designing technical solutions. 

Khurram Khan is one of Episerver Most Valuable Professionals. He specializes in software architecture, designing, development and integration using Episerver and other technologies. 


14:45: Episerver Personalization

Talare: Joakim Plattbarzdis, Manager Search and Personalization

15:10: What's coming - Tech roadmap

Speaker: Justin Anovick, VP Worldwide product

15:30: Fika


16:45: Anslut till det generella spåret, 1 tr upp

Anslut till det genrella säljspåret för att lyssna på "Lessons learned", där support- och manages service organisationen delar med sig av de vanligaste support-ärenden som vi har och hur ni undviker att hamna där. Och efter det avslutande key note talare Pär Johansson, grundare av och ledare för Glada Hudikteatern.